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Versatility of 613 Blonde Extentions

Posted by M. Brown on

When trying to achieve the vibrant colors, such as red or purple, on virgin hair in its natural state it can require a lengthy process. Since virgin hair comes in a natural brown/off black color you first have to lift the hair by bleaching the extensions to get it to a golden or blonde state which will then take and hold the colorful dyes you wish to achieve. When bleaching hair sometime the color isn't the same shade throughout your bundles or it doesn't always lift to the desired color causing you to have to repeat the bleaching step. That's a lot of chemical processing to do to your extensions!

That's when 613 Blonde hair extensions come in handy! With the hair already an even blonde color throughout the only thing left for you to do once you have the hair is to apply whatever color you desire. The possibilities are endless! You can do a fire red like Rihanna or pink like Nicki Minaj. You can also find many color combination inspirations on tumbler and pinterest such as an ombre of green, blue and purple or you can create your own mermaid hair combination.

However you don't have to use the 613 blonde extensions just for bold vibrant colors, you can keep always keep them in its blonde state.Many people add darkened roots and install the hair for an outgrown blonde look or you can add some low lights to give your install dimension like Beyonce's typical look. Nicki Minaj has worn blonde extensions with pink tips or some people even decide to bleach the hair one extra time to achieve an ice, platinum blonde color.

Blonde extensions takes away the tedious work of going through the bleaching process as mentioned before and helps you create your own look without all of the extra hassle. NV Exotic Hair can provide you with blonde bundles as a custom order upon request so feel free to contact us if blonde bundles sounds like the product you've been looking for.